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Jam session: baroque improvisation - Robert de Bree

Everybody can improvise! In “Early Music” improvisation is based on simple ideas stretched creatively to the max. The music we play most and love, was composed by improvisers working with these ideas. Bach, Handel, Sweelinck: they were all master improvisers and were interested in making their music in the moment. In this workshop you will be introduced to this playful, but powerful approach.

We will start working with a theme like composers used to. We will translate “ORDA” into a theme and use it to start improvising! Also bring your favourite piece and we will find inspiration in it for the jam session at the end of the day.  Bring your baroque instruments in A=440Hz. With this workshop you are also invited to participate in the jam session that we will hold in the canteen with all visitors of the festival at 15.30 that same afternoon.

** Update 02-09-2017: this workshop is SOLD OUT, but you can participate in the jamsession with all visitors in the canteen in the afternoon at 15.30 **