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Csakan, the Romantic recorder - Nik Tarasov


The recorder’s repertoire is rich of yet undiscovered or lesser known areas. In this workshop, German recorder player and researcher Nik Tarasov will fairy kiss and wake the beauty of its original compositions, arrangements and original instruments.

We will meet the recorder of the early romanticism, popular from 1800 until the middle of the century. On the same level as other woodwind instruments, it developed a newly standardised recorder design which was spread from Vienna all over Europe by several players. It also produced its own repertoire in chamber music accompanied by the newly invented pianofortes and the romantic guitar.

Being a key figure in the research of the recorder in the nineteenth century, Nik Tarasov will run a workshop through the most important aspects of the Csakan’s music and instruments. Come along and learn about the history, and let us discover together how we can deal with it today. Get to know about the best pieces, how to play them in good style alongside relevant information of performance practise. We will compare the Csakan in original instruments and copies with traditional and modern recorders. Please bring your favourite Csakan pieces and get more information in advance at