Exhibition 2017

At the ORDA exhibition you can try and buy recorders, sheet music, accessoires, have a talk with recorder makers or have your instruments repaired. During the 2017 edition we hosted makers' presentations for the first time. Also new was a special dark room with film, photo's, facts and fiction about the recorder in pop and jazz culture.  

Exhibitors: recorder makers 2017 (Ensemblezaal)

AAFABStephan Blezinger,  Jean-Luc Boudreau, Adriana BreukinkTim CranmoreAlmut HerdenGuido HulsensKobliczek (Christoph Hamman), Doris KulossaKüngFrancesco Li Virghi, Lorenzo Lio, Margret LöbnerMarco MagalhãesMollenhauerMonika Musch,  Luca de Paolis, Endre Pásztor, Peter van der PoelYoav RanMike ShonleMicha SilkenatJohannes Skorupa & Jacqueline Sorel.

Exhibitors: sheet music 2017 (Mezzanine)

Aura Edition/Mollenhauer (Nik Tarasov), Blok Amsterdam / Stichting BlokfluitBroekmans & Van PoppelHeinrichshofen VerlagMieroprintTeam Recorder (Sarah Jeffery) &  Edition Walhall.


Friday October 27 2017

  • 11.30 Adriana Breukink: The 21st century Ganassi Survival Kit (Room 406)
  • 14.30 Mike Shonle: An Introduction to the eCorder Electronic Recorder (Ensemblezaal)

Saturday October 28 2017

  • 10.30 Monika Musch & Michael Form: Ganassi. Myth and Facts (Room 406)
  • 12.30 Lorenzo Lio: Recorder Making between Modern Practise and Historical Models (Ensemblezaal)
  • 15.30 Nik Tarasov: The Digital Recorder. Playing the Elody Recorder with Sound Apps (Room 406)

Sponsored Prizes ORDA Competition


  • AAFAB: Coolsma Bressan Polyester Ivory
  • Mollenhauer: Tenor Traum Edition
  • Monika Musch: Ganassi g-Alto 440Hz, olive
  • Skorupa: alto in 415Hz (Heytz)
  • Adriana Breukink: Eagle Ganassi f-Alto
  • Stephan Blezinger: Tenor Bressan by Blezinger
  • Yoav Ran: Ganassi Soprano 440Hz and 415Hz joint or g-Alto 440Hz
  • Endre Páztor: Ganassi Soprano 440Hz
  • Doris Kulossa-Delfino: Mollenhauer Garklein
  • Lorenzo Lio: Ganassi Alto in g 466Hz
  • Kobliczek: Renaissance descant in f`` after Praetorius 441Hz
  • Guido Hulsens: Ganassi Soprano 440Hz
  • Jacqueline Sorel: Alto in 415Hz

Sheetmusic, vouchers and accessoires:

  • Kunath: Recorder Bagpack
  • Heinrichshofen & Noetzel: Sheet music
  • Mieroprint: Voucher for sheet music
  • Margret Löbner: Voucher for sheetmusic
  • Edition Walhall: Sheet music