At the ORDA exhibition you can try and buy recorders, sheet music, accessoires, have a talk with recorder makers or have your instruments repaired. This edition we will host makers' presentations for the first time. Also new: a special dark room with film, photo's, facts and fiction about the recorder in pop and jazz culture.  

Exhibitors: recorder makers (Ensemblezaal)

AAFABAdriana BreukinkDoris Kulossa, Endre Pásztor, Lorenzo Lio, Marco Magalhães, Mike Shonle, MollenhauerMonika MuschStephan BlezingerYoav RanKüngJohannes SkorupaKobliczek (Christoph Hamman), Peter van der PoelMicha SilkenatLuca de PaolisJean-Luc BoudreauAlmut HerdenGuido HulsensMargret Löbner & Francesco Li Virghi.

Exhibitors: sheet music (Mezzanine)

Aura Edition/Mollenhauer (Nik Tarasov), MieroprintEdition WalhallHeinrichshofen VerlagBroekmans & Van PoppelBlok Amsterdam / Stichting Blokfluit & Team Recorder (Sarah Jeffery).