Laureates 2015

Category A1
1st prize • Ádám Nánási (Hungary): g-Alto by Fernando Paz
2nd prize • Júlia Vasconcelos Abdalla (Brazil): ORDA-Stipend
3rd prize • Denis Kamenov (Germany): Alto 443 by Jacqueline Sorel

Category A2
1st prize • Hannah Voß (Germany): Denner Alto in 415 by Lorenzo Lio
2nd prizes • António Godinho (Portugal) – Blezinger Alto & Louis Grosclaude (Switzerland) – Van Eyck Soprano Guido Hulsens
3rd prize • Nicole Wolfsohn (Switzerland) – Recorders bag & CDs

Category A3
1st prize • Felix Gutschi (Austria): Soprano Eagle-Extension by Adriana Breukink
2nd prizes • Bram Verhaegh (Netherlands): Prescott alto from the collection of Marion Verbruggen // Vera Bieber: Transitional g-Alto by Guido Klemisch
3rd prizes • Bar Zimmermann (Israel): 415 Denner Edition Alto by Mollenhauer & Luise Henriette Catenhusen: ORDA-Stipend

Category B1
1st prize • Flautinos (Germany): Stipend
2nd prize • Trio JOB (Netherlands): Master class from one of the jury members

Category B2
No 1st prize
2nd prize • Trio de Flautas do Conservatório de Coimbra (Portugal): ORDA-Stipend

Category B3
1st prize • Due Venti (Germany): ORDA-Stipend

Category C3
1st prize • Polygon (Germany): Millennium great bass in C by AAFAB
2nd prize • Markus-Consort Bielefeld (Germany): ORDA-Stipend

Category D
Honorable mention • aXolot (Netherlands) for two original programmes with a constant high level of performance: Gaudeamus Muziekweek prize

2 honorable mentions • Brasilien Block (Germany) for the performance of “Periferisch-Diagonaal-Concentrisch” by Frans Geysen: Donemus voucher & BLOCK4 (UK) for the performance of “Wicked” by Michiel Mensingh: Donemus voucher

Special prizes
Own composition • Alina Harig (Germany) for “Mysteria”: Donemus voucher
Honorable mention for an own composition: Louis Grosclaude (Switzerland): CDs

Royal Wind Music Prize • Sequentia (Germany) for the performance of “Una Panthera” by Johannes Ciconia: London Pro Musica sheet music package

Best performance of a contemporary composition • Pauline Madeleine Hervouet (France) for “Black Intention” by Maki Ishii: Donemus voucher

Most inventive programme concept • Nina Altenburger & Nicolas Fischer (Austria) for a combination of early and contemporary music with recorder and bass guitar: CDs with contemporary music

Best Amateur Accompanist • Susanne Catenhusen (harpsichord) + Three young pianists (Ben Gentemann, Ivar Brits and Elodie Kamenov): CDs

Audience Prize
Ádám Nánási (Hungary) • Recorder bag and CDs