Competition laureates ORDA-2017
Congratulations to all!

Category A1 (soloists under 12 years of age)
1st Júlia Abdalla (Brazil): Eagle Ganassi alto by Adriana Breukink
2nd Alexander Maley (Belarus): Dream Tenor from Mollenhauer
3rd Yun-Jung Hsiao (Taiwan): ORDA-Stipend € 100,- + package of 5 CDs
3rd Yu-Chen Wu (Taiwan): ORDA-Stipend € 100,- + package of 5 CDs

Category A2 (soloists 12-15 years of age)
1st  Susanne Knoch (Austria): Alto in A=415hz by Johannes Skorupa
2nd Ádam Nánási (Hungary): Alto in A=415Hz Coolsma Bressan by AAFAB
2nd Janik Nagel (Germany): Tenor - Bressan by Stephan Blezinger
3rd Andreas Kammenos (Germany): Ganassi g-Alto by Guido Hulsens

Category A3 (soloists older than 16)
1st Ronja Vollmari (Germany): Ganassi g-Alto by Monika Musch
2nd Not awarded
3rd Koryna Lottenbach (Switzerland): Ganassi g-Alto by Lorenzo Lio

Category B1 (duo-quintet under 12 years of age)
1st Not awarded
2nd OLegretto Quintet (Germany): Garklein (Mollenhauer) revoiced by Doris Kulossa

Category B2 (duo-quintet 12-15 years of age)
1st Trio Amiro (Germany): Renaissance sopranino by Kobliczek Musikinstrumentenbau
 2nd GEMM (UK): Ganassi soprano by Endre Pásztor

Category B3 (duo-quintet, older than 16 years)
1st Duo Fleurs Musicales (Germany): Ganassi soprano by Yoav Ran
2nd Duo I (UK): Alto recorder in A=415Hz by Jacqueline Sorel
3rd Clocktett Erlangen (Germany): Voucher for Blockflötenzentrum Bremen

Category C2 (sextet and larger, 12-15 years of age)
1st The Baker Street Band (UK): Sheet music package sponsored by Edition Walhall

Category C3 (sextet and larger, older than 16)
1st Not awarded
2nd Berliner Blockflöten Orchester - BBO (Germany)
Sheet music package sponsored by Edition Wallhall
2b OLegretto Ensemble (Germany)
Sheet music package sponsored by Edition Wallhall

Category D (consorts formed by conservatoire students)
1st Parandrus (UK): ORDA-Stipend for € 1000,-
2nd Lagrime Consort (Spain / Germany): ORDA-Stipend for € 750,-

Prize for the best own composition
Mika Curson (UK)
Julia Wetzel (Germany)
Andreas Kammenos (Germany)
Voucher by Mieroprint Musikverlag

Best performance of a contemporary composition
Susanne Knoch (Austria) for "Studio 2a" by Emanuele Casale
Ronja Vollmari (Germany) for "Feuerspiegel" by Mogens Christensen
Duo Fleurs Musicales (Germany) for "Programu" by Agnes Dorwarth

Best non-recorder player
Mika Curson (UK), harpsichord
Honorable mention: Ellie Curson (UK, trombone) and George Skeill (UK, trombone)

The Royal Wind Music Prize
Jasperina Verheij & Eline Fung Fen Chung (The Netherlands)
Duo I (UK)
Masterclasses with members of The Royal Wind Music

Honorable mention
Baldwin Duo (UK) for their performance of "Double Overkill"

Best amateur over 27 years of age
Katrin Meiners (Germany)

Most creative programme
Duo Bean & Bee (Switzerland)

Junior Jury Prize (Lucie Horsch, Felix Gutschi and Bram Verhaegh)
Duo Fleurs Musicales (Germany)

Audience Prize
Júlia Abdalla (Brazil)


We are happy to announce the finalists of the ORDA-2017 international recorder competition. The finals take place tomorrow at 14:00 in the Bernard Haitinkzaal of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome!

Category A1
Júlia Abdalla (Brazil)
Alexander Maley (Belarus)

Category A2
Andreas Kammenos (Germany)
Susanne Knoch (Austria)
Janik Nagel (Germany)
Adam Nánási (Hungary)

Category A3
Ronja Vollmari (Germany)

Category B1
OLegretto Quintet (Germany)

Category B2
Trio Amiro (Germany)

Category B3
Duo Fleurs Musicales (Germany)

Category C2
The Baker Street Band (UK)

Category D
Lagrime Consort (Spain / Germany)
Parandrus (UK)


We proudly announce the semi-finalists of the ORDA-2017 international recorder competition. Congratulations to all participants and thank you for bringing the level of our competition to new heights!

Come and watch the semi-finals on Saturday 28 October between 09:30–12:30 and 14:00–19:00 at the Sweelinckzaal of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Admission is free!

Júlia Abdalla (Brazil)
Yun-Jung Hsiao (Taiwan)
Alexander Maley (Belarus)
Yu-Chen Wu (Taiwan)

Eliza Haskins (UK)
Andreas Kammenos (Germany)
Susanne Knoch (Austria)
Bethanie Liu (Hong Kong)
Soňa Mindová (Slovakia)
Janik Nagel (Germany)
Adám Nánási (Hungary)

Inis Oírr Asano (UK)
Koryna Lottenbach (Switzerland)
Ronja Vollmari (Germany)

OLegretto Quintet (Germany)
Toetie (Netherlands)

Trio Amiro (Germany)

Bean & Bee (Switzerland)
Clocktett Erlangen (Germany)
Eline Fun Feng Chung & Jasperina Verheij (The Netherlands)
Duo Fleurs Musicales (Germany)
Duo I (UK)

The Baker Street Band (UK)

OLegretto Ensemble (Germany)
Berliner Blockflöten Orchester (Germany)

Lagrime Consort (Spain/Germany)
Parandrus (UK)

Jury members in 2017:

NEW: In 2017 a junior jury handed out a special prize to the best item in the finals

  • Lucie Horsch (NL, President)

  • Felix Gutschi (A, 1st prize winner categorie A3, 2015)

  • Bram Verhaegh (NL, 2nd prizewinner A2 and A3 2012 & 2015)