Film: presentation of Master Makers

The new documentary Master Makers by MusicFrame Films (Daniël Brüggen) will be premiered and presented in the form of a new DVD release and the showing of two of the portraits it contains: Friedrich von Huene and Frederick G. Morgan.  

You can buy tickets (€ 5,–) at the ORDA box office during the festival.

Daniël Brüggen about Master Makers

"The idea for documenting on film some reputed recorder makers from Germany, Australia, the United States and Canada came about nine years ago, when the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet was about to end its activities. I felt grateful for having had the opportunity to see their craftsmanship first hand and playing all of their instruments. As these encounters proved inspiring events for me, this definitely called for some form of documentation. I had used my Super8 camera during concert tours since 1986, however, it was mostly some travelling that I captured, never concerts of course and hardly any recorder maker. Master Makers aspires to make up for that omission. The special visits it required resulted in five individual portraits in which these 20th century masters of the craft of recorder making share their history, motivation and opinions. Collectively, they offer an account of the recorder’s redefinition as an historical instrument after World War II."

Still of  Master Makers : interview with Frans Brüggen

Still of Master Makers: interview with Frans Brüggen

Still of  Master Makers : Friedrich von Huene at work

Still of Master Makers: Friedrich von Huene at work